6-8 February 2012 : BLLAST Workshop: Outcome of the 2011 BLLAST field experiment & BLLATE 1&2 EUFAR meeting

Topics and objectives:

6-7 February – BLLAST workshop:

This will be the first meeting after the field experiment of the « Boundary Layer Late Afternoon and Sunset Turbulence » project, that took place in summer 2011.
The objective of the workshop is to summary and discuss what observations and data we have collected, show preliminary results, and organize our work on the data analysis and numerical simulation.

8 February – BLLATE 1&2 meeting:

The meeting aims at coordinating the quality control of the measurements taken from the aircraft platforms during BLLATE-1 and -2 EUFAR projects within the afternoon transition experiment BLLAST. Particular emphasis will be taken to discuss the data process and calibration factors, and to establish the analysis strategy of the inter-comparison flights. During the last part of the meeting, ongoing research based on the analysis of the aircraft observations and potential collaborations combining other data sets and modeling studies will discussed.


6-7 BLLASt workshop:

Monday 6 February, morning: Overview of the observations made.
Monday 6 February, afternoon: First analyses & preliminary results
Tuesday 7 February : Coordination of the work in data analysis and modelling, future events

PDF file of a detailed program

8 February BLLATE 1-2 meeting:

Wednesday 8 February, morning:

  • Calibrations issues
  • Data process/corrections
  • Intercomparison flights
  • Planned studies


List of participants


The workshop and the meeting will be held at CNR, in Firenze:
Via Madonna del Piano, 10
Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
More details at http://www.area.fi.cnr.it/english/sesto_arrivare.htm#

Local organizers:

  • Beniamino Gioli (CNR-Ibimet)
  • Carolina Vagnoli (CNR-Ibimet)


Carolina Vagnoli

Via G. Caproni, 8
50145 Firenze, Italy


Tel. +39-055-3033711
Fax. +39-055-308910
Cell.+39-347 1128848


Download note here


Download note here





M. Jonassen: The weather of BLLAST, a summary
F. Lohou: Overview of the surface measurements
J. Cuxart: Informations on thermocouples
O.K. Hartogensis: Scintillometers in BLLAST
P. Augustin: BLLAST ground-based remote sensing measurements
P. Durand: Piper Aztec in BLLAST
B. Piguet: Piper Aztec processing for BLLAST
B. Gioli: SkyArrow operations
J. Reuder: UAS operations during BLLAST, An overview
F. Lohou: Tethered balloons
B. Piguet: Turbulence measurements under a tethered balloon.
M. Lothon: BLLAST radiosoundings, Operations – data – observations.
L. Fleury: BLLAST operation center website, metadata and data bases.

First analyses:

O. DeCoster: BLLAST, Uniform processing data
F. Couvreux: Evaluation of NWP models with BLLAST data
D. Pino: First mesoscale model intercomparison
H. Pietersen: IOP5 – Boundary layer development and large scale influences
M. Jonassen: Case study: 27.06.2011
M. Jimenez: The basin and local contributions of the flow over Lannemezan seen by the MesoNH model
M. Sastre, C. Roman: Evening transitions from the microbarometers point of view
C. Darbieu: Preliminary analysis of surface heterogeneity at site 2
F. Gibert: The afternoon transition phenomenology during BLLAST Preliminary analysis of Doppler lidar measurements
S. Wacker: Surface radiation budget measurements during the BLLAST campaign
G. Lohmann: Preliminary Results of M²AV Measurements during BLLAST 2011
E. Blay: Numerical simulations of 1st and 2nd July with mixed-layer model and large eddy simulation
A. van de Boer: Fluxes and radiation Edge Site

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