2011 Field Campaign

Experimental plans for 2011

2011 Experimental Plans: PDF file – version 8

Part V – Coordination

Overal Coordinators General coordination M. Lothon Surface F. Lohou Aircraft operation P. Durand Tethered Balloons E. Pardyjak Radiosoundings D. Legain Radiation G-.J Steeneveld Microbarographs C. Yagüe Lidar coordination A. Dabas UAS coordination J. Cuxart and J. Reuder Modelling Forecast F. Couvreux Field catalog web site  J. L. Boichard Web site L. Mastrorillo Data policy and […]

Part IV – Forecasts

Foreword During the field campaign, a forecast secretary will analyse and report the meteorological situation for the operations. The task consists in: Using the BOC to analyze all interesting outputs (forecasts and observations): analyses, forecasts from ARPEGE and AROME, satellite images, radar images, early morning sounding, etc… Calling the French local forecaster from Tarbes Meteorological […]

Part II – Continuous observations

Introduction Table 1 below summaries the in situ and remote sensing deployed during BLLAST over the 3 sites, for continuous observation from 14 June to 8 July.We describe here the deployment of those instruments for the observation of (1) the surface layer processes, (2) boundary layer profiling, (3) sky monitoring, and (4) Aerosol content.   […]

Part I – Introduction

Objectives Growth of the convective planetary boundary layer (CBL) over land in the middle of the day due to solar heating of the Earth’s surface has been extensively observed and relatively successfully modelled. But the early morning transition – when the CBL emerges from the nocturnal boundary layer – and the late afternoon transition (LAT) […]