Part III – Intensive observations


Introduction Aircraft are invaluable tools in atmospheric measurement campaigns since they are able to capture high-rate fluctuations as well as horizontal and vertical variation of mean parameters, like temperature, moisture and wind. Given the BLLAST objectives, the aircraft will mainly fly in the middle-to-late afternoon, in close coordination with ground-based instruments (flux stations and remote […]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Introduction The UASs have shown in the recent years their ability to probe the Atmospheric Boundary Layer. Some scientific teams have a relatively long experience and some others are coming now into this fastly growing field of activity. In BLLAST experienced and new teams will participate either during the whole campaign or in the special […]


When the conditions are favorable, intensive observations will be made with manned aircraft, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), tethered and radiosounding balloons, and in situ aerosol measuring system. The airplanes (Piper Aztec and Sky Arrow) and UAS will probe an extended area, with horizontal legs at different levels for the measurement of turbulence intensity and scales.The […]